COVID-19 Processes & Procedures

We have put in a place a range of processes and preocedures aimed at keeping us all safe during your visit. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to read all the information provided and make sure everyone in your party (including visitors) are aware of our COVID-19 precautions.

Key points - we are following 2 metre distancing onsite and adhering to government guidelines on group gatherings

Please do not visit us if you or any member of your household (or support bubble):

  • has any coronavirus symptoms

  • have been in unprotected contact with someone else who has the virus in the last 14 days

  • are self-isolating

  • have been asked to self-isolate by the NHS Test & Trace programme

  • are in quarantine following a trip abroad

What is expected of our guests

All guests and day visitors should have read and understood these processes and procedures


  • Maintain 2 metre social distancing at ALL times – there should be no situations on site where less than 2 metres is necessary. This includes within pitches.

  • Do not enter other pitches unless invited/agreed beforehand

  • Entering other people’s units is not allowed unless you’re all part of the same household or support bubble. This is because it is not possible to maintain 2m social distancing inside a unit.

  • If you, or any of your party start to show coronavirus symptoms, are asked to self-isolate by the NHS Test & Trace programme or test positive for the virus while you are on-site, please notify the warden immediately (by phone or email).

  • Keep the footpath clear - there’s a public footpath running diagonally across the site - members of the public have been asked to stick to this path to avoid inadvertently entering your pitch - please don’t set up games or occupy the spaces across the footpath so people can pass through unhindered.


  • Your group must adhere to government guidelines on group gatherings with regard to group makeup (households), sizing and social distancing required. This includes Day Visitors. Full details provided below in Groups Gatherings and Day Visitors sections below.

  • Please make sure you have read and understood these if you are booking for more than 1 pitch or your group is made up of people who don’t normally live together.


  • Children are not allowed to be unsupervised at any time and must NOT be allowed to enter other pitches uninvited.

  • If your children want to play with other children onsite in the central area of the campsite, there must be a conversation between parents about what is/isn’t allowed, what the boundaries are etc. to make sure everyone is happy with the interaction. This conversation MUST be between the adults - it’s not enough for children to approach other children or adults and ask “can I play” (or similar).

  • Please be aware that the social space in the middle is for everyone, including those who wish to maintain social distancing with their children - just because children are playing there, it doesn’t mean their parents are happy with them mixing.


  • Dogs must NEVER be allowed to enter another pitch and if you cannot control/patrol this constantly they must remain on a lead at all times. We have no issue with dogs being allowed freedom to roam, but you MUST stay in control of this and maintain awareness of their position at all times.

  • Unfortunately we do not have the same level of control over the dog walkers on the public footpath :-( We have however put some signs up to encourage use of leads/dog control as people pass through the campsite.


  • The warden is available on the phone when you arrive, if required.

  • If your arrival time coincides with others and the warden is busy with them but you need assistance, please find an empty space somewhere in the middle of the field and wait. The warden will come over as soon as she can.

Payment in cash

  • The warden will place a plastic box on the ground and move away, you will place the money in the box and move away, the warden collects the box and places the money in quarantine for 72 hours.

  • If you need change, please tell the warden what you need and she will place it on the box lid for you to pick up. The government advises you wash your hands after handling money.

  • If you need a receipt or wish to pay by card, please let the warden know in advance so she can have everything ready

Shared Facility Hygiene

  • Wash your hands (in your unit, not at the tap please) and use the sanitisation products provided before and after you use the shared facilities. This includes the cleaning taps (tap head, pipes), bin and septic tank access cover. You only need to sanitise the specific parts you intend to touch/have touched.

  • We appreciate you keeping the sanitation station tidy, using the bin provided, and leaving the products in situ for others to use

  • It’s better to avoid going to the taps when you can see others are there – if you can, wait until they are done. Or follow the 2 metre guidance spacing

  • The water tap is for you to collect water and take it to your pitch for use - No washing up, washing hands/yourself/hair, cleaning teeth etc at the tap

Access to Info point/campsite office

  • If someone is inside the office reading the information on the walls, please wait outside until they are done.

Interactions with the warden

Although less personal, and not in keeping with our usual way of operating, we aim to keep interactions between yourselves and the warden as limited and as brief as possible – keeping us all safe. Please bear this in mind during your stay, and in particular:

  • If you need assistance from the warden, please call 07734 488587 rather than visiting her campervan/caravan on-site. (at reasonable hours please - 10.30-9pm preferred :-) )

  • If you can’t get an answer, and need assistance quickly, do visit the van but remain 2 metres away and call out

  • As a last resort, If there is an emergency, do knock on the side of the van, (away from the door). But only once you’ve tried the phone and calling out.

  • Please remember that this is her home as well as her place of work

  • If you see the warden around the campsite without her face shield and you need assistance, please do give her a wave and wait for her to get her face shield :-)


Campsite toilets are not available for hire during social distancing - you will need to bring your own.

Regarding your toilet, you MUST:

  • empty your toilet in the septic tank/chemical disposal point (not in the hedge and no “containers” in the bin i.e. bags or bottles)


  • use the drinking water tap for cleaning toilets

  • use your toilet in the open air – some cover must be in place

  • relieve yourself in the bushes or the park next door

  • use makeshift toilet arrangements involving cat litter, compost toilets or other materials that cannot be emptied into the septic tank

  • put compostable bags in the septic tank or any other solid matter or container

  • put wet wipes in the septic tank

  • use the toilets in any of the pubs/restaurants unless you are a genuine customer

  • put wet wipes in the septic tank

  • try to unblock the pipe yourself - if you have any problems, or there’s a blockage, talk to the warden

The septic tank can take liquid waste only - this includes human solid & liquid waste with nothing around it

Group Gatherings

We are following guidance from the government regarding group interactions onsite and will continue to do so as restrictions are eased or tighetended. Pitches are considered similar to household spaces and gatherings on any pitch the same as visiting someone’s home. While gatherings within the campsite as a whole are the same as meeting up elsewhere. Therefore, the rules on visiting, staying overnight, group makeup and sizes are the same. If you’re not allowed to stay over at someone’s house, you’re not allowed to share a tent on a campsite. If you’re not allowed above a certain number of people together, then you’re also not allowed to do that on the campsite (regardless of where you sleep).

As of 14th September the group guidelines and how they apply to campsites are:

  • Support Bubbles - Groups from two households within a “support bubble” are welcome without maintaining social distancing and MAY stay on the same pitch. A Support bubble is made up of 1 adult living alone/with children plus another household - other definitions of support bubble do not apply.

  • Rule of 6 - Groups of up to 6 people from any number of households are welcome while maintaining social distancing, but may NOT stay overnight on the same pitch/within the same unit unless they are from the same household – one pitch per household is required.

  • Any other groups are not allowed

  • Day Visitors - these group guidelines also apply to people visiting you onsite

  • Interactions with other campers onsite - please note the Rule of 6 applies to interactions with other campers onsite - please make sure there is never a gathering of more than 6 people

We will update these guidelines as they develop, they will also be displayed at the campsite.

Day Visitors

Day visitors are allowed as long as they comply with the above regulations and you take responsibility for ensuring they follow the campsite rules. We recommend you brief them on all the above before they come to site and ask them to read these procedures - any visitors consistently breaking the rules will be asked to leave.

They cannot enter your unit unless they are part of the same household or support bubble i.e. you are NOT social distancing with them, and their presence cannot mean that you are breaking the above group gathering guidelines.

Please note - repeated instances of not following the above will result in your being asked to leave the site with no refund.

What we have put in place

to protect you & our staff


  • Reminding arrivals of onsite procedures, specifically 2 metre distance, entry to other pitches, orientation, control of dogs and children, and use of sanitation station

  • Warden to wear face shield during all interactions with visitors

  • Warden will phone you if contact is required rather than visiting your pitch. If she does visit you, she will stand 2m outside the pitch and wait for you to come out.

  • Warden to take temperature regularly and go for testing asap if it rises or other symptoms present

  • There is a public footpath that runs diagonally across the campsite. We’ve moved pitches away from the footpath gates and marked out a clear delineation from footpath routing to nearby pitches so that walkers don’t accidentally enter your pitch. We have also placed signage on the two gates to instruct walkers how to proceed and where they may not go, including instructions regarding children and dog leads/control so that neither enter pitches.

Connecting to Electrics

  • Units on electric pitches will be parked 2 metres from hedge line so people can pass behind units to connect to electrics

  • Pitches will be placed to ensure access to the hook-up post doesn’t involve going through a pitch (unless the unit is currently in storage and is therefore unoccupied).

Shared Facility Hygiene

  • Sanitisation station provided by taps and bin – covid certified anti-viral spray & disposable towels

  • Regular cleansing of tap areas (tap heads, pipes, septic tank cover), bin lid and office door

  • Regular cleansing of hook-up posts & socket covers

NHS Test & Trace Programme

  • We will keep records of people who’ve stayed and the pitch number they stayed on. These records will be provided to the government Test & Trace programme if requested

  • Warden and her husband to register with Test & Trace if either test positive

Unexpected closure

If any of the following circumstances occur we will be forced to close for an unknown period – any bookings will be cancelled until the situation is resolved. We will notify you with as much notice as we can and all deposits will be returned.

  • NHS Test & Trace – if the warden or her husband are asked to self-isolate by the government Test & Trace program.

  • If the warden or her husband contract the virus (tested positive)

  • Bracknell Forest area goes on local lockdown enforced by the government