Bigger Vehicles

i.e. people new to towing or driving big motorhomes, motorhomes over 8/9 metres, twin axle caravans/caravans over 7/8 metres, long tow vehicles (bigger than a big car), American style RV's or 5th wheelers and those who are worried about scratching their paintwork/damaging their van

The campsite field is down a lane with a tight turning into the field. Most caravans and big vehicles can manage this as long as you take the turn into the field as wide as you can and go through the gate on a diagonal, maintaining that line until you are all the way into the field.

Those with good experience driving their vehicle, confidence and a calm and steady approach have no trouble at all. Good spotters outside the van also help :-) As an indication: standard car/caravan arrangements should be fine taking it steady. Twin axles are a little tricker but on a short vehicle are also ok. Twin axles on a long wheel base van are tricky, but do-able! Camper vans over 9 meters will also find it tricky, but do-able. Max we've had through is 10.5 metres! People have driven big RV's into the field without a flinch, whereas others have given up and left - so it's hard for us to say whether or not you will be ok - it's really your call.

If you need an extra pair of eyes on the ground when you arrive, or advise on what line to take as you come through the gate, please call us and we'll come out and give you a hand (if we're around) or let us know when you book.

The pictures below show the lane leading down to the field and the gateway into the field with comments to help give you an idea of the layout and risk areas.

The Lane

The lane is roughly 3 metres wide, with a bend half way

The Approach

To the left is the yard for the house - it's quite a big space and good for turning round in if required. You can also pull in here to have a proper look at the gateway before committing to driving in.
The turning into the camping field is on the right.
Straight ahead is Scotland's Farm - please don't go there!

The Turn In

The main issue here is the pillar on the left with the "Scotlands Farm/Scotlands House" sign as it restricts how wide you can take the turn in and is also a hindrance to the back end of vehicles swinging out as the they take the turn. Also to note is the pond with fence on the right.

Furthermore, on the left side of the entrance the ditch under the trees and the metal post of the gate will both prevent turning wider, causing long vehicles to have to cut across and catch on the right side fence.

The Gate

There is usually plenty of space on the left once through the gate allowing vehicles to enter on the diagonal and follow that line until fully through the gate.
A common mistake is to turn in too quickly and try and straighten up as soon as the nose is through the gate, which makes the vehicle catch the post and fence on the right.
That post on the left can be lifted out, adding a crucial foot to the gate width

Facing back out

Getting out is easier! You can see here how the "diagonal line" entry will work. When you leave, take a wide birth to the right side, allowing your diagonal line exit.

The Field

I'ts all worth it in the end :-)

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