Basic Pitch Fee - £12

Electric Pitch Fee - £17

Bank Holiday surcharge £8 - applicable Fri, Sat & Sun Nights

Pup tent £5


Pitch Fee covers 1 "unit" (caravan/tent/campervan/car) for 1 family (2 adults, plus children), and includes an awning, pets etc.

4 or more adults = double pitch fee

Pup tent = small tent for sleeping.

Storage tent is classed as an awning.

Bank Holiday weekends - minimum two night stay

Please note: We DO NOT have shower blocks or toilet facilities onsite.

Also, there are no sinks for hand/dish/teeth washing - you will need to bring a water container that you fill and take back to your pitch for use.

Toilet Hire (inc toilet tent)

N.B. these are not available during covid-19

you will need to bring your own toilet - please see the Toilets section on the COVID-19 page for further detail on what toilet solutions are acceptable

Basic commode style £2

Porta-potti £5 - flush mechanism, waste stored in underside sealed unit

This service is provided on an equipment hire basis only, so you will be responsible for emptying and cleaning the equipment and erecting/taking down the tent. We give you a clean toilet and expect a clean toilet to be returned :-)

For Bookings: Tel 07734 488587 or email