Scotlands House, Forest Road, Newell Green, Bracknell, Berkshire RG426AJ

Google Maps

Forest Road (B3034) is a very very long road running from near Wokingham & the M4 to Wood End, via Binfield, West End, Warfield and Winkfield Row, with a break in the middle around Warfield where it becomes Warfield Street for a couple of hundred metres. On the map, we are on the section of Forest Road that is between West End and Warfield which is called Newell Green and which doesn’t really show on Google maps!

Note also that our section of road is a break in the B3034 where it momentarily joins the Maidenhead to Bracknell road the A3095 – so although we are on Forest Road, which is the B3034, we are actually on the A3095!!

To make it easier for you to find:

the turn into our lane is on a short stretch of Forest Road between two sets of traffic lights with a pub/restaurant on each.

Depending on which way you come from, you’ll either see:

The Spice Lounge on the right or in front of you, where you follow signs for Bracknell/Ascot A3095, Ascot (A329) and Windsor (B3034)


The Plough & Harrow on your left where you follow signs to Maidenhead A3095 (A330), Binfield (B3034).


The Plough and Harrow in front of you to the right, with the only sign you can see is straight on for Bracknell A3095 & Ascot (A329). Here you should be on Osbourne Lane and need to turn right making The Plough on your left and towards yet another pub which is just after The Plough – The Yorkshire Rose

We are halfway between the two sets of lights/pubs on the opposite side of the road down a small lane – if you reach the other pub, you’ve missed it!

Look for the Scotlands House Campsite/Freedom Camping Club sign and a yellow sign for Scotlands Farm – ignore the signs saying “no HGV access for Scotlands Farm” :-)

Go down the lane, just past the gravel yard on the left (Scotlands House) there is a gate to the right – that’s us! Ahead of you is an electronic gate for Scotlands Farm – please don’t disturb them :-))


some satnav’s get confused with our postcode and try to send you round the back of Scotlands Farm to another entrance – you cannot reach the campsite from that farm entrance, you can only get in from Forest Road. If your satnav is playing up and nothing seems right, try entering the postcode for The Plough & Harrow pub which is RG42 6AE

September 2021
Roadworks & Road closure

There are some roadworks happening outside the campsite entrance during September. The road has been closed from one direction, but you can reach our entrance from the other direction.

If you approach from the traffic lights with The Spice Lounge, you should ignore the road closed sign and you will be able to enter the site ok.

If you approach from the traffic lights with The Plough & Harrow the road is blocked just before the campsite entrance and you will not be able to get onto the site - you need to follow the diversion signs round until you reach the lights with The Spice Lounge.

For forward planning - we advise you plan a route in advance that gets you to the Spice Lounge from the Maidenhead or Reading, Wokingham, Binfield directions - A329(M), A404(M), A308(M) Junctions 8/9 or 10 of the M4.

The following map attempts to show the key features and obstacles: