Pitch Layout

Electric pitches are on the right side of the field marked with ORANGE FLAGS

Non-electric pitches are marked with WHITE STICKS (no flag).

As you look at the pitch/hedge please place your unit ON the marker, to the RIGHT side, with your entrance door also to the right. (A “unit” is a caravan, motorhome, campervan or tent). And when we say ON the marker, we mean ON the marker – not a metre to the left or right ;-) (Space in front of the flag is fine as long as you don't encroach on the footpath.)

So… if you reverse in, your offside (or driver side) corner is on the stick, while if you go front in then your nearside (passenger side) is on the stick (right hand drive vehicles).

Pitches are 11 metres wide and extend to the right of your stick to the next one - if you have a tow vehicle or car, please park to the right of your unit or in front.

On electric pitches - Please LEAVE A 2 METRE GAP between the back of the unit and the hedge so people can walk behind you to connect to the electric (apart from pitch No.4)

If you are at the top left corner of the field, please also make sure you don't block the public footpath gate

Caravan Layout

If for whatever reason this layout does not suit you I.e. you have a European vehicle with the side door on the opposite side, do let me know when you book in so we can discuss alternatives before you arrive to site.

Likewise, if you will have a total width on the pitch of more than 5 metres i.e. extra wide or tunnel type awning (>3 metres), 6m+ bell tent etc, please let us know so we can try to make arrangements (this isn't always possible, but we will try).

Most caravans with an awning are 5 metres

Campervans less than 5 metres in length may go along the hedge i.e. VW Campervans - put your nose/tail bumper on the flag

Tents should orientate themselves whichever direction makes sense to ensure they do not extend more than 5 metres to the right of the post i.e. tunnel tents need to come forwards into the field as they're too long to go sideways. The entrance can face to the right or forward into the field, but not to the left

If you have booked 2 pitches next to each other and want to have a shared social space in the middle, you can spin the unit on the right so it faces to the left.

Layout for 2 units on 1 pitch - one in front of the other - this guarantees two pitches together. The first unit (next to the hedge) must not be more than 5 metres wide, but the second unit that runs along the front can be >5 metres wide.

If you have booked 3 pitches next to each other and we need to fit you onto 2 pitches so that you can all be together, we may use the following horseshoe layout.

The first 2 units (next to the hedge) must not be more than 5 metres wide, but the third unit that runs along the front can be >5 metres wide.